Requisition forms

On this page you will find all a collection of the requisition forms "complete" for single gene diagnostics, panel diagnostics, CGH-array, CADASIL-testing and paternity testing. You can also download the following forms seperately: informed consent according to the german diagnostic act, requisition form (general form) and a document containing our diagnostic offer for single gene diagnostics, a list of all offered gene-analyis in alphabetical order as well as a compilation of the panel diagnostic we offer.


We require appr. 5ml of EDTA-blood for molecular genetic analysis. We do accept other samples like DNA, oral mucosa etc. More information can be found here. The material can be send by normal mail at the day of retrieval. Please, ensure that the material is packed safely. For chromosomal analysis we require 5 ml heparin blood.
If the quality or amount of the material is not sufficient for the analysis we may ask for a new sample