Genetic counseling

Genetic counseling is carried out by our specialists: Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Kohlhase, Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Decker or Dr. med. Eva Wohlleber.
Please arrange your personal appointment under the telephone number 0761/896454-0 or through our contact form.
Genetic counseling is usually a pension benefit that is paid by the health insurance so everyone can take into consideration attending one.
During genetic counseling, we will discuss your health concerns, assist you with your personal disease prevention and consult you about your family planning.

When would genetic counseling be helpful?

Genetic counselling service may be useful for you if:
  • you are affected or suspected to be affected by a genetic disorder
  • there is a history of recurrent cancer in your family and you want to find out about your personal disease risks
  • your child has been born with a suspected genetic disorder or has been diagnosed with one
  • you suspect or know that your relatives are affected by genetic disorders and you want to learn more about the consequences for yourself or your children
  • you and your partner are consanguineous
  • you want to find out about the possibilities of prenatal diagnostics or when during the pregnancy a concern has been raised
  • you are concerned that your child may have suffered any injury due to radiation treatment, X-rays or intake of medicaments before or after the onset of pregnancy
  • more than one unexplained miscarriage or stillbirth occurred
  • you have an unfulfilled desire to have a child and plan to use an in vitro fertilization method