Accreditation for paternity testing and other parentage studies:
We are accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 for the implementation of genetic ancestry testing. This refers to studies in which we usually check paternity, but can also examine other issues, such as maternity (babies switched at birth) or a sibling status.

If you are interested in a paternity test or other ancestry testing, please call us. We can provide information on costs, appointment scheduling and conduct the investigation. Please note: We carry only studies with the consent of the appropriate people after a conscientious identity check.

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In addition to genetic studies to clarify the causes of disease , we also offer the implementation of ancestry tests (paternity tests and other) . The procedure applied here (DNA genotyping) is commonly referred to as creating a "genetic fingerprinting " .

In this study we examine microsatellites in the genome that commonly vary among unrelated individuals. In contrast, relatives, depending on the degree of kinship present strong similarities in these sections. In general, all people carry two different copies of these sections. Children inherit always one of the two copies from a parent, the second copy they receive from the other parent.

In our study, we examine whether a person (questionable child) has inherited those sections from another person (questionable father). A child should therefore always include all examined sections of a copy that is also found in the biological parent. Since this test can also be used for checking the maternity (i.e. For exclusion by newborns mix-up), we also refer to it as parentage testing. The test is also used to investigate the common ancestry of siblings, even if both parents are deceased or unavailable.

The proof of parentage (child - parents) usually succeeds with a probability of 99.9999 %. The exclusion (child - parents) also occurs within similar probability range. In sibling studies, the test significance depends on the family situation.

Should you be interested in such analyses, please call us or contact us. We can provide information on costs, appointment scheduling and conduct the investigation.